Jessica was a delight to work with from the start. She was enthusiastic, she came up with wonderful ideas to help our event be special and suit the hosts. She also was understanding of our budget constraints and worked hard to create an elegant event that we could afford. She responded within minutes to email and was readily available by phone, even once on her vacation! The event itself went very well. The food was excellent and received many compliments from a crowd that goes to enough local catered events to be picky. The space was used well and our strange requests were all fulfilled with ease. We had one glitch with the service during the event. We agreed a time for the cake to be ready at the end of the event, and yet after sending all our guests to the table there was no cake for about 5 minutes. If we hadn’t set a time, we would understand this being our fault, but given the overall number of staff available, we were a bit disappointed. Other than that small problem, the rest of the event went beautifully without any problems.”