“What a happy day it was — with MANY thanks to you and Jonathan and your professional staff. I just wasn’t sure how things were going to work out and it went beyond our expectations! I have to mention the professionalism of the entire staff! Not only were they smart looking in those nice green ties, but they were confident in their delivery of items, with smiles and knowledge of the item being served. The PRESENTATION as a group did not go unnoticed! I had seen that done recently at a Long Island wedding and was pleased that your group did it — it assures that the food will be warm and also makes the table feel special. Always refolding napkins is a very nice touch and very classy! SEVERAL people have commented on the service. The meat was incredible!! Everyone has said: “everyone at our table had perfectly cooked meat”. RAVES about the food, especially the meat. LOVED the beautiful way the lovely hem-stitched napkin was folded around the menu. So many touches but these are the highlights that keep floating in my head.

~ Wedding on July 14th 2012