This review is for Jessica T., event planner. Jessica gets it. She is organized, enthusiastic, and genuinely excited to plan your event. Not just polite excited so she gets your business, but genuinely excited. She replies to your emails the same day and she is just super awesome. I desperately wanted Jessica to plan/cater my wedding, but the restrictions of my venue proved to be a worthy foe and I never actually got to hire her. But for months she entertained my crazy ideas, met with me, took notes, raised her insurance (for my venue), and gave me a few ideas (like my wedding DATE) that I am totally stoked on. She did all this without a contract and with no obligation! She knows her stuff and how to do business. The business philosophy of Lavishly Dunn is also spot on. They don’t charge you all sorts of crazy fees and surcharges. You pay only for tangible things which is so important nowadays with caterers. You are one lucky duck if you get to work with Jessica because she rocks”

Potential Wedding Client – 3/8/2010