Wedding at Wang Theatre

“We could not have been happier than we were with Lavishly Dunn! It was apparent from the moment we initially sat down with Jessica that Lavishly Dunn would be the company we would go with. We went through the motions with some other great caterers but none matched their passion and expertise. I was amazed that Jonathan (Founder & Executive Chef) and Jessica were so accessible throughout the night and continued to go out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for us! I love that he showed us the plate-setting process and we watched in awe at the amazing meticulousness of the great serving staff! The staff went out of their way to find us for appetizers (during photos they searched the entire venue until they found us) both before and after dinner. And in one of the most amazing moments of above-and-beyond service, Jonathan took control of our wedding exit by gathering all the guests (150 of them!), handing them sparklers, had his staff light each and every one and then found us to leave at the perfect moment. We had an unfortunate choice of wedding coordinator, who was never around during the night, and our grand exit would have been non-existent without the help and initiative of Jonathan and his amazing staff! Oh yeah…and the food was AWESOME! I have never liked salmon in my life but theirs was so good that I ordered a double plate (along with an equally amazing steak). They put together a great complement of appetizers that everybody raved about afterwards. I cannot say enough great things about their food and service! Without Jessica and Jonathan, our wedding wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was!”

September 2nd, 2012